The Sack dress ain’t wack

The sack dress is basically a chic version of what a dustbin bag would look like on me. Yeah, I’m all about that recycle/up-cycle/make rubbish bags look cool vibe. It’s flattering, it’s cool, it’s boho, its black. Need I say more? The sack dress is basically an upgrade from the body-con dress, and everyone loves an upgrade. […]

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The smart casual meh

smart casual

“It’s going to be really chilled but you have to look nice but also it’s not a cocktail party”…..ummm okay.. “So do I need to wear heels?”… “Well you obviously don’t have to, but also don’t look like a hooker if you do. Just dress smart-casual.” This is basically my dilemma every time someone says “smart casual”. […]

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Winter white

winter white

You don’t have to look like a tampon in all white. Go for ‘ice princess’ instead and show people you own something other than black. Choose a day you’re not planning on drinking red wine or eating spaghetti bolognaise. Once you’ve set on that play with different shades of white and add some colour with small elements. […]

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Backpacks and knee rip jeans

leather backpack

Two huge trends at the moment – regardless the hemisphere you’re in – are backpacks and knee rip jeans. The reason I love both these trends is that they’re fun to play with when integrating into the rest of your wardrobe. And then of course there’s black, which is everyone’s fail safe… But more importantly it’s often […]

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white shirt uniform

It’s that time of year where the Autumn leaves excite me but my desire to sleep in longer as the cold Joburg chill hits leaves me scrambling for something to wear. I’ve found that in order to get a few minutes extra sleep, which is one of the things I value most these days, I’ve put together […]

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South American Flair

pom pom waistcoat

This waistcoat I picked up in South America is everything. Not only was it my favourite buy because it brings a bit of a South American flair to my outfit but also it has pom poms. And pom poms are officially a thing. As per usual I tend to keep things simple with just one or two […]

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