A road trip through the Eastern Cape

Klein karoo

I did a road trip through the beautiful South African Eastern Cape early this year. Starting off spending a night in Graaf Reient, a small town in the Karoo with a big church and amazing lamb shank. Just outside of Graaf Reinet is the micro-town Nieu-Bethesda, which takes you back in time about 100 years. There’s no […]

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Ruffles & Mules

ruffles on dress

Ruffles, a great name for your dog, you know if you were looking for something like that. But also it’s a trend that’s popping up for upcoming AW/SS. Trends, either you dig them or you’re tired of them. They’re all just elements of pieces that stood out back in the day. Here’s my take on a modern […]

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The Sack dress ain’t wack

The sack dress is basically a chic version of what a dustbin bag would look like on me. Yeah, I’m all about that recycle/up-cycle/make rubbish bags look cool vibe. It’s flattering, it’s cool, it’s boho, its black. Need I say more? The sack dress is basically an upgrade from the body-con dress, and everyone loves an upgrade. […]

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Valentines Day Lingerie

bluebella lingerie

This year I’ll totally be spending Valentines Day waiting for the return of The Walking Dead! Not a huge Valentine’s enthusiast myself it’s not to say that I won’t indulge in the best parts of cupid festival… pretty undergarments and other things. There’s nothing quite like delicate bras and beautiful pjs that make you want to dance […]

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Slip in and out of a slip dress

slip dress

It’s summer, it’s hot, it’s run on the beach naked time… If that’s your vibe. Otherwise it’s still hot and the less you wear the better, enter the Slip Dress. Slits on a slip dress.. Pro: High slits let the breeze come in Con: A little too much wind and everyone sees your umm…panties. Solution: Find a […]

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