Valley of Dordogne

france, bergerac

A week of eating cheese and drinking wine, don’t mind if I do.. I fell in love with the idea of France when I had my first French class 12 years ago. Which is strange considering I basically failed the subject. In reality I became obsessed with croissants, Camembert, eclairs, fashion and any building with a pretty […]

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Spicing up my daily commute


Why listen to public transport when you could listen to a podcast. I’m back!.. (I didn’t actually go anywhere) The last month I’ve pretty much just been getting into the swing of full-time employment, meaning The Leather Marshmallow went a bit silent. But the result is that I’ve become part of the London commute. When I first […]

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Afternoon tea with Fortnum & Mason

fortnum & mason, afternoon tea

AKA: the best breakfast ever My bestie and I do an afternoon/high tea for our birthday every year. This year we were both in London and what’s more British than Fortnum & Mason for tea? Nothing, because their tea selection is on another level! We did the afternoon tea menu at 11:30am, which I think has the […]

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Aubaine at Selfridges

aubaine selfridges

Brunching in leather and eating French – my kind of Wednesday. The main reason I moved to London was so I could wear my brown leather jacket…Well not entirely but I like to be dramatic. The actual reason was so I could finally spend £10 on French toast. (That was joke). Kath and I met up for […]

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Palm Vaults

acai bowl, palm vaults

Vintage Miami has a new look and it’s in Hackney, east London Ever seen those pink coffee cups with green palm leaves on Instagram? Well if you haven’t then you need to spend more time following Instagram worthy accounts and if you have then you’re looking at Palm Vaults coffee. I fell in-love with the place when […]

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Big city life

big city, london, hammersmith bridge

It’s called public transport and it’s hard. Remember when I said I was excited to not have a car? Well I don’t like it as much as I thought I would. I guess it takes some getting used to. I’ve officially been in London for a week! Here are some snippets I’ve learnt about living in this […]

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