Pop of colour

pop of colour

It’s rainy, it’s cold, it’s cloudy, it’s Cape Town. So I added a pop of colour to my fight-the-miserable-weather outfit. I’ve always been told that because of my skin tone I can’t wear red clothes, my cheeks end up looking like tomatoes and it’s all down hill from there. But hey I love how much red stands […]

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Animal prints

animal prints

I am crazy about the texture and lines on this top, it reminds me of the patterns on the body of a snake. It’s also velvety but not as thick, so perfect for those sunny days in Cape Town when the wind decides to arrive, but it’s still too hot to wear a jersey. I’ve never been […]

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Dear Rae all day!

dear rae

Dear Rae is a company in Woodstock, Cape Town, that make the most simple and beautiful jewellery. What I love is that Karin, the owner, chose to make pieces that can be worn everyday. These modest designs add elegantly to anyone’s look. I have a thing for wearing rings on nearly all my fingers so Dear Rae’s […]

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My new MyWalit

my walit

My first post is dedicated to my new wallet. It’s odd I know. But hey seeing as though a wallet/purse is a staple for most people it seems fitting to begin my blog here. I’ve needed a new wallet for ages! I struggled to find something in leather that didn’t look like something out of my mom’s […]

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