How to wear vintage pieces

leather vintage bag

Vintage pieces can transform a rather simple outfit and make it more interesting. I prefer to dress everything else down and let the vintage piece stand out. Here I’m wearing classic blue jeans and white t-shirt (cue Gaslight Anthem) with this brown crocodile leather bag. Eeek, not sure how okay it is to wear this type of […]

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Denim on denim


Denim on denim – kinda sounds like the beginning of a rap song. Haha. No? Okay… Denim is for everyone, a wardrobe staple that’s lasted the test of time. But literally though the shorts I’m wearing here are proof of just that. A lot of my favourite pieces in my cupboard have an unusual ‘story’/come from unexpected […]

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Change up


I haven’t done a post in like two months, which not only makes me the most fickle blogger but also means I had a much needed holiday. Nevertheless this post was a tough one to write. It could be because I want to make this year about my blog  (I’m using last year as a practice round) […]

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Park life

bensimon park

When I’m in one of those moods where I can’t decide what to wear – this generally happens on a Monday morning when I’m late for work – I usually go for a classic combo. The nautical stripes and ripped jeans look…if all my black clothes are in the wash. I wore this to a little picnic […]

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Get the look: how to wear a LBD


One of my all time favourite bloggers is Julie Sarinana from I love how she takes simple outfits and elevates them with small details. Going from meetings, to coffee runs she manages to look chic and comfortable at the same time. I feel like I can totally relate to that. I wake up each day needing […]

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Transitional dressing

transtional dressing

Transitional dressing is super awkward it’s like; do I wear jeans and then die from a heat stroke? Or do I go with a dress and have the wind blow it up when I walk down Kloof Street? (not that its ever happened to me) I love how Esther Levy put it in her article on the […]

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Pop of colour

pop of colour

It’s rainy, it’s cold, it’s cloudy, it’s Cape Town. So I added a pop of colour to my fight-the-miserable-weather outfit. I’ve always been told that because of my skin tone I can’t wear red clothes, my cheeks end up looking like tomatoes and it’s all down hill from there. But hey I love how much red stands […]

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Animal prints

animal prints

I am crazy about the texture and lines on this top, it reminds me of the patterns on the body of a snake. It’s also velvety but not as thick, so perfect for those sunny days in Cape Town when the wind decides to arrive, but it’s still too hot to wear a jersey. I’ve never been […]

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