white knit on white jeans

Winter white knit with a touch of joy I finally watched the movie Joy and it made me so happy, I’m still smiling. It also gave me a new burst of energy to give more attention to my blog and keep it going. It’s something I really enjoy doing but it’s easy to sideline it for things […]

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The creep of Autumn

aumtun look

The way I feel about Autumn creeping into my life is actually very similar to the way I feel about my birthday every year. I try wear summer clothes for as long as possible hoping that somehow it may have magical powers over the change of season. It doesn’t. It’s all quite ironic considering my birthday is […]

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Ruffles & Mules

ruffles on dress

Ruffles, a great name for your dog, you know if you were looking for something like that. But also it’s a trend that’s popping up for upcoming AW/SS. Trends, either you dig them or you’re tired of them. They’re all just elements of pieces that stood out back in the day. Here’s my take on a modern […]

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The Sack dress ain’t wack

The sack dress is basically a chic version of what a dustbin bag would look like on me. Yeah, I’m all about that recycle/up-cycle/make rubbish bags look cool vibe. It’s flattering, it’s cool, it’s boho, its black. Need I say more? The sack dress is basically an upgrade from the body-con dress, and everyone loves an upgrade. […]

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Slip in and out of a slip dress

slip dress

It’s summer, it’s hot, it’s run on the beach naked time… If that’s your vibe. Otherwise it’s still hot and the less you wear the better, enter the Slip Dress. Slits on a slip dress.. Pro: High slits let the breeze come in Con: A little too much wind and everyone sees your umm…panties. Solution: Find a […]

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The Matrix overcoat

Want to look classic (or ‘boring to some’) but at the same time like you could have watched The Matrix at some stage of your life? Get an overcoat for summer… here’s why  You can look like a villain When it’s windy you look like you belong in Hogwarts Keeps your legs warm when you’re wearing short […]

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Monochrome summer


Tired of floral for spring? Me too.. And so is Meryl Streep I still love a flower filled dress but there’s something chic about black and white on a sunny day. Rather than playing with colour you play with texture, which in some cases is so much more vibrant than a bright coloured dress. Fuse formal and […]

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Bare shoulders for spring

off shoulder top

It’s my favourite time of the year! It’s spring time, which means it’s basically summer, which means it’s basically December, which means it’s holiday time! Yay! Okay I got slightly ahead of myself there…. Spring, sunshine, blue sky, ocean, flowers, ice cream, dresses and bare shoulder are basically everything I’m currently craving at the moment. So when […]

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The smart casual meh

smart casual

“It’s going to be really chilled but you have to look nice but also it’s not a cocktail party”…..ummm okay.. “So do I need to wear heels?”… “Well you obviously don’t have to, but also don’t look like a hooker if you do. Just dress smart-casual.” This is basically my dilemma every time someone says “smart casual”. […]

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