’70s bell sleeves


All I’m trying to do is hide my arms with bell sleeves and pretend I’m in Mad Men Don’t get me wrong the story-line in Mad Men was awesome but the clothes were better. It’s just a pity thatΒ fast fashion has ruined all the good parts of the ’70s style revival. Summer is here with full on […]

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south african style, miu miu sunglasses

Life lessons of a Lunar white baggy top. Number 1: you can never have too many white tops. End of story. Jokes, there’s more…. The daily struggles of a working woman I’ve spent the last two years working and attempting to master the feeling of comfiness while also looking smart enough for a meeting, on top of […]

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Waistcoat lovin’

suede bag, mango

Is it rock n’ roll chic? Or is the waistcoat just a cool accessory for a basic black outfit? All black outfits can be boring. There I said it. *sits in an all black outfit while typing* What I’m trying to say is that black is a classic but relying on it on a daily basis can […]

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Feeling French

red neckerchief scarf

I can eat like 10 croissants & 20 bajillion macaroons, that makes me like half French right? I love the elegant fashion that French women embody. Particularly the emphasis on quality fabrics and long-lasting clothes. I’ve mentioned before that I really believe in purchasing investment pieces, especially leather, hence the name of my blog, but other fabrics […]

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Beach Cruiser

My feet take a trip into the ’80s with a beach cruiser This is not the beach, this is not summer, this is cold Joburg weather and these are my new Beach Cruiser, New Balance shoes. The sneakers that take you back in time to all things ’80s. Let me just start by saying that it took […]

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Star Gazer

Star mini dress

The best distraction is dress up I have clear memories throughout my childhood of using dress up as a tool to distract myself from studying for maths, in particular, but other things as well. It became an escape to dive into my dress up cupboard and put on pieces that took me to different moments, captured different […]

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Christmas jersey in July…ish

winter jersey

Making Bolivian llama jerseys a thing in Jozi Disclosure: I had to Google “what is the plural of jersey?” – so basically life is great and also it was a long time since I was at school. I’m turning 24 next month so I figured it was time I wore my uber cool Christmas jersey with llamas […]

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white knit on white jeans

Winter white knit with a touch of joy I finally watched the movie Joy and it made me so happy, I’m still smiling. It also gave me a new burst of energy to give more attention to my blog and keep it going. It’s something I really enjoy doing but it’s easy to sideline it for things […]

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The creep of Autumn

aumtun look

The way I feel about Autumn creeping into my life is actually very similar to the way I feel about my birthday every year. I try wear summer clothes for as long as possible hoping that somehow it may have magical powers over the change of season. It doesn’t. It’s all quite ironic considering my birthday is […]

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