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Hello, I’m Julie and this is my fashion and travel blog.

“Our affinity to fashion often starts at a young age.” – Alexa Chung, “IT”

About me

The most important thing about me is that I laugh at my own jokes 🙂

At an early age I had this fascination with clothing, which started when I would stand on a balcony at 3 years old and listen to the ‘tick-tick’ of the heels going by. Now luckily I don’t do that sort of thing anymore.

I recently left my home in Joburg and moved to London for a new adventure. Although my life has changed a bit my passion for slow fashion has not. The thing I love most is discovering local fashion artisans who bring something unique to the industry. This is where my love for leather comes from and therefore the blog’s name.

About the blog

The Leather Marshmallow focuses on a mix between affordable everyday clothing and quality pieces worth investing in. The blog features my personal story as a 20-something year old living, shopping and exploring. It showcases my personal style, obsession with leather goods, as well as a travel diary for gems around the world.

This is my fashion journey that began with my mom showing me how vital it is to read every clothing label. It’s realizing that a high price tag doesn’t always mean better but at the same time knowing the value of ‘quality over quantity’.

Feel free to get in touch with me to chat, collaborate or to send me cat videos (joking):

Email: julie@theleathermarshmallow.com

Instagram: @juliefarrell_

Facebook: The Leather Marshmallow

Twitter: @juliefarrell_

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