Valley of Dordogne

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A week of eating cheese and drinking wine, don’t mind if I do..

I fell in love with the idea of France when I had my first French class 12 years ago. Which is strange considering I basically failed the subject. In reality I became obsessed with croissants, Camembert, eclairs, fashion and any building with a pretty balcony. Lucky for me I got to experience all that and more on my trip to into the Dordogne region.

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About two weeks ago we flew out of London (leaving it’s interesting “summer” behind) into Bordeaux. We then drove about an hour and half south west to our beautiful gîte (more info on it here), that overlooked the French countryside. Imagine fields of sunflowers, local markets, castles on the horizon and the most amazing weather – basically what dreams are made of.

We did lots of adventuring but here are a few of my highlights..

I have a soft spot for any countryside town that makes handmade bunting to celebrate the Tour de France, hence my fondness for Issigeac. Definitely go there on a Sunday for their market that’s filled with fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs and woven basket bags.

The Gardens of Marqueyssac – without drone footage it’s tough to capture how incredible the 22 hectares of sculpted gardens really are. I would recommend popping in there for a leisurely walk, getting to see the Dordorgne river from an amazing height and a croque-monsieur for lunch.

french countryside leather bag store

I really loved the town called Monpazier and not just because of the Instagram worthy cobblestone streets. But mostly because I spent hours in the leather bag shop..and ended up nearly buying a black backpack but changed my mind at the last minute. Clearly rational Julie started to kick in at the end of the holiday (how boring).

castles in francedordogne riverchateau de beynac

Me shopping for houses…

If you visit this area you’ll see that it’s definitely not short of castles. I really liked this one called Chateau de Beynac, which overlooks the Dordogne river. Imagine waking up to this everyday…and being king of the land, definitely something I could get on board with.

Issigeac market, shopping

Another day, another picture in-front of someone’s house.

french balcony french summer

Summer holidays sometimes mean hiding out in the shade for a bit.

Basically if you’re into lying by the pool, reading a book, eating cheese, drinking wine, visiting castles, wearing sunblock, shopping at local markets and using broken French then visit the beautiful Dordogne region. It really was the most perfect place to relax. Which clearly I needed because I suddenly have the energy to write a blog post, hopefully more adventures coming soon.

Officially a fan of the European summer!












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