Spicing up my daily commute


Why listen to public transport when you could listen to a podcast.

I’m back!.. (I didn’t actually go anywhere)

The last month I’ve pretty much just been getting into the swing of full-time employment, meaning The Leather Marshmallow went a bit silent. But the result is that I’ve become part of the London commute.

When I first moved here I was all like, “yay look at this cool musician playing on the tube” or “ahh that kid is screaming but he’s cute” and even making small talk about what to cook for dinner (there was a chef sitting near me). Now I don’t even make eye-contact with people. I guess the excitement wears off. Now I get excited to get on the tube just to zone out for a bit.

So I thought I’d touch base and share what I’m currently listening to. I like to switch it up and listen to a few things at once depending on my day.

  1. Glossy – just started this one. Would highly recommend it for anyone interested in fashion and the role technology plays, particularly in the luxury market.
  2. This American Life – just really cool weekly topics about random American things. My favourite recent one is called “Notes on camp”.
  3. My Dad Wrote A porno. This is for when I just need a quick laugh. Basically a few people discussing each chapter of their dad’s self-published book.
  4. Monocycle with Leandra Medine. These are generally quite short so they’re nice to listen to if you need a quick escape from the loud guy sitting next to you (who thinks the whole tube wants to hear his phone call).
  5. Exponent. I’ve actually only listened to the episode called, “Amazon and Avocados”, but it was pretty good so keen to try more.
  6. Girlboss Radio. I go through a love hate relationship with this one. It completely depends on who Sophia interviews.

And then of course there’s Serial and S-Town, which if you haven’t listened to then you live without internet and then you’re probably not reading this.

Anyway, going to try blog a bit more about that #LondonLife.

Also send me more podcasts people..please 🙂



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