Afternoon tea with Fortnum & Mason

fortnum & mason, afternoon tea

AKA: the best breakfast ever

My bestie and I do an afternoon/high tea for our birthday every year. This year we were both in London and what’s more British than Fortnum & Mason for tea? Nothing, because their tea selection is on another level!

high tea, piccadilly

We did the afternoon tea menu at 11:30am, which I think has the best selection of savoury and sweet options. All the different tea menus are served in their Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon. It’s an elegant and bright space where you feel as if you’ve escaped the bustling streets of London (even though you’re just a few steps from Piccadilly circus). What I loved was the calming space they create with the clean and simple decor and the sounds of a person playing the piano in the background. It really makes you feel like you’ve slipped into another world.

diamond jubilee tea salon

Fortnum & Mason are renowned for their tea so we had to try a couple, these were the ones that most appealed to us – Royal Blend (their signature since 1902), Jubilee (celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s II Diamond Jubilee), and Wedding Breakfast (because we couldn’t resist a bit of Kate and William).

After selecting the teas you’d like to try they bring you a cake stand with three different plates. Each serving up something different: 5 types of sandwiches, 2 types of scones and a bunch of sweet pastries. All of which can be replenished if you need a bit more. Then there’s also a cake trolley where you can choose more treats. We tried the apple strudel as well as the chocolate cake. What’s really nice is that if you don’t finish everything they’ll pack up what’s leftover and put it in a really cute box (perfect for a pre-dinner snack).

high tea london

If you’re visiting London and you want to experience something traditionally British then I would highly recommend an afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason. You can book online but make sure you book at least 3 weeks in advance during the busy season. Dress code is casual but don’t be the guy that goes in slops and a hoodie, this is tea after all.






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