I got a job in London town!

ray-ban clubmaster

And it’s a job that I always wanted

The last two months in London have been tough. There’s no pretty way to say it. It’s involved lots of interviews and call backs from companies I really didn’t want to work for. I mean venture capital – I barely understand what that means.

job lookzara duck top

I didn’t want to be too fussy but at the same time I didn’t want to have moved all the way here and not do something that would be beneficial to my career. And then there was the whole getting a bank account thing, which took nearly 2 months. It’s amazing how those small things make you feel like you don’t belong somewhere.

But here I am, smiling, realising everything is coming into place. But that’s not why you’re reading this is it? You want to know what I’ll be doing, haha.

ootd casul look

Here’s the quick low-down..

I’ll be part of the marketing team for a luxury women’s sportswear company. They’re a London brand and their products were featured in an movie trilogy about a dystopian world. (Well done if you can crack my code :)). Their offices are really close to where I live and their products are incredibly beautiful so I basically feel like I won in life.

This opportunity came at the right time. I’m trying to be more conscious of my health and what I eat so I think working for a brand that puts an emphasis on exercise and well-being is going to be great. Needles to say I’m very excited about this new chapter. So excited I decided to wear this top with ducks on it, does this mean I’m fun?

job offer countryroad black skirt

Top: Zara / Skirt: Country Road / Shoes: Jane Sews / Glasses: Ray-Ban / Bag: Vintage

Before I start my new job I’ll be trying to take advantage of unemployment and do some more touristy things, so keep an eye out on the blog for more London adventures.



Ps: These leather shoes have been the best investment. They’re formal enough to wear to interviews and they’re actually comfortable.

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