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This is a post for when you go to a lot of interviews and you don’t want to look like you’re from the ’90s.

Firstly “pants” in the UK refers to what I know as “panties” and not “trousers”. So now that I’m no longer looking for chinos in the underwear isle I can hopefully find a more appropriate work outfit. Because my life currently involves a lot of interviewing…

I got quite excited for my first interview, which wasn’t for a job I wanted but everyone said it’s good to practice them. And they were right. I had to do two spontaneous presentations and I got stage fright, needless to say it didn’t go well. I actually had nightmares about it afterwards.

My next interview was with a recruiter, sounds great right? Well no, because I woke up that day with the most intense allergic reaction. The right hand side of my face was swollen and my lips looked like I went to Kylie Jenner’s doctor. Not the best way to start the job hunt in a foreign country. Turns out all I needed were some strong meds and to never sleep on duck down duvets.

monochrome work look shepherd's bush street fishnet stockings

Before moving here I hadn’t really needed to shop for work clothes. I’d never worked in a corporate and all the interviews I’d gone to were fine with a semi-formal look.

So what I came to realise is there’s nothing quite as boring as shopping for a work outfit. Really. The styles are so dated and not in the cool retro way. It’s like a flashback of what you’d see in a ’90s rom-com where the protagonist is a career woman in New York trying to make a name for herself. I mean a short black pin-stripe blazer in 2017?

After a lot of hunting I’ve purchased a few staples, these pieces being part of them, which I’m able to mix and match. I especially love the loose high-wasted pants that are from the H&M Conscious collection. Plus they’re made from recycled material and that’s pretty cool.

summer work outfits rose gold leather bag

Top: Forever New / Trousers: H&M Conscious collection / Stockings: H&M / Shoes: Jane Sews / Bag: Missibaba

Besides for collecting a bunch of new black clothes I’ve also been trying to find some cool UK brands. I really love supporting local fashion artisans and would like to grow my collection here. So if you know if any send me a message.

More interview stories coming soon 🙂







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