11 emotions of packing

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Packing has begun, it’s also stopped a few times for a breakdown.

I started packing for London – read more here on why I’m leaving – and its been quite a roller coaster. The problem all starts with the “2 x 23kg” thing, then it gets worse with the “you’ll need all your coats and jerseys”.

Phase 1:

YAY! I’m packing up my Joburg life and starting something new. OMG I can’t believe how brave I am. I’m basically a Girl Boss… that’s unemployed (that’s definitely a thing Julie, go you!).

Phase 2:

Okay wait this can’t be right, I’m sure I ordered a big suitcase and a medium suitcase. They’re both like really small inside. Hey but at least they have four wheels, that’s what’s important.

Phase 3:

So how much do I really need underwear?

Phase 4:

These extra wheels are making my suitcase heavier!!

Phase 5:

So I’ll just wear a jersey, cardigan, hoodie, shirt, vest, leggings, track-suit pants, boots, a coat and a scarf on the plane. That’ll save sooo much space.

Phase 6:

Maybe I shouldn’t go.

Phase 7:


Phase 8:

Look this tampon box fits in my camera bag. Stay positive you’re a problem solver 🙂

Phase 9:

I’ll just leave all these shorts in Joburg. Summerin London is like 2 weeks anyway.

Phase 10:

23.9kg – are you f****** kidding me!

Phase 11:

I’m sure Pinterest has some tips for me. Ooohhh those are pretty shoes!




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