I’m off to a new city

meshuga top

Don’t call me meshuga but I’m moving to London.

I love the sun, the bush and South African people but I’ve decided to move to the UK for a change. In about two weeks I’ll be getting on a one way flight to London and right now the craziest part is that I have to fit my life into two suitcases. TWO suitcases!

Moving across the world is difficult enough to then to have decide which jackets make the cut. Naturally this led to spending hours online finding my dream luggage, spoiler – it’s not available in South Africa. But you can drool over it here.

All this time I’ve spent researching luggage has made me look at packing up my life in a positive way. I’m now forced to get rid of all the junk I’ve collected over the years. This is where the advantage of saving up for those leather boots, instead of buying 3 cheap pairs, comes in handy. It’s therapeutic going through my cupboard and only holding onto quality pieces. Making me more certain to keep investing in real clothing, slow fashion and more leather (duh).

white tee, denim shorts summer look

Some of the reasons it makes sense to fit your life into two suitcases:

  • To experience living abroad.
  • The travel opportunities in Europe.
  • To get rid of my car – I’m so excited to not have to drive everywhere.
  • Exposure to different fashion brands, art galleries and cultures.
  • Real winter – sure let’s try it.
  • Getting out of my comfort zone.
  • Plus, why wouldn’t I want to pay £7 for a glass of wine? Ha. Maybe moving to London will force me to try beer. Jokes, hopefully life doesn’t get to that.

Honestly though London was the place that made the most sense logistically in terms of getting a working visa. Although the thought of looking for a job is really scary right now.

south african fashion mevrou & co

I think some people think I’m a bit crazy (or ‘meshuga’ – see what I did there) to leave home and jump on a plane to a country I last visited 10 years ago. I guess the advantage of getting old is not caring what people think.

On a more interesting note, how cool is this slogan t-shirt?

It’s from a local company in Cape Town called Mevrou & Co. who make unisex shirts with really good quality material. They started off with iconic Afrikaans sayings and they recently launched a “Jew Crew” line, which I’m obsessed with. Check them out here. Side note: I got my mom this one for Christmas and I don’t think she found it as funny as I did.

new balance sneakers

Meshuga top: Mevrou & Co / Denim shorts: H&M / Sneakers: New Balance

Lastly if you have any recommendations for cool places to visit, shop or eat at in London please send me a mail 🙂











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