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I don’t blog about food but I will make everyone wait until I’ve taken a good picture.

I’m one of those people who orders food that will look good. I like eating pretty things. If food was dusty pink I’d be in heaven.

I don’t know much about food, except for what good cake and ice-cream tastes like, and I think that’s good enough. But every week our brunch club (obviously the most exclusive club in Joburg) go out to a different breakfast spot and I feature them on my Instagram. We prefer to try unusual or less commercial spots to brunch but I’m honestly still a sucker for the Tasha’s Pain Perdu.

Here are some of my favourite places around Joburg that stand out..

Nice: 4th Avenue Parkhurst

My all time favourite place to go for breakfast or cake in Joburg. It’s an iconic place on the main 4th Avenue strip and serves the best breakfast – the half and half (1 x egg basket & 1 x pancake stack). They also serve up a great chicken pie.

nice parkhurst nice joburg

Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar: 7th Street, Melville (header image)

A fairly new spot that’s become very popular in Joburg. You can’t book a table so go early on a Saturday for breakfast. The Red Shakshuka and Kitka French Toast (with extra bacon, obviously) is a must. They also make good breakfast cocktails (so I hear).  cocktails in joburg pablo eggs go bar, melville

Salvation Cafe: 44 Stanley

A great outdoor location with an even better Eggs Benedict. What I like most is that it’s located in 44 Stanley where you’ll find a lot of local South African designers (like my fave Lunar, read more here). I went for their version of a ‘half and half’ – 1 x Eggs Benedict & 1 x French Toast…with extra halloumi.

salvation cafe, 44 stanley

Glenda’s: Hyde Park

If you’re looking for a more Instagram worthy cafe look no further. The interior is something out of a French Cafe, plus they have pink velvet chairs – does life get better? No. Their Eggs Benedict is great but I wish I had gone for their more interesting breakfast options.

glenda's hyde park

Ted Zaki: The Sheds, Fox street

Ted is a baker who has a stall at The Sheds, an indoor market in the Joburg CBD. He has loads of different pastries but custard with fresh fruit caught my eye. It was fresh and magical – i.e: the pasty wasn’t crumbly (which is my absolute worst).

ted zuki

PAUL Bakery: Melrose Arch

The much anticipated French Bakery has landed in Joburg and I wasn’t willing to stand in a queue for a table. So instead Paul (not the PAUL Paul, my boss Paul) and I got takeaway sandwiches and a treat for dessert. The sandwich was good, not Super Sconto good, but very fresh. This Chocolate Tarte was amazing though, really decadent and the perfect texture.

paul bakery, melrose arch

Ice Cream Sunday: Pop-up event in Bramley

I might be a bit biased but the ice-cream here is the best. The event happens on the last Sunday of every month and the menu changes every-time. The offerings always push the boundaries on dessert and if you go with enough people you get to try a bit of everything. Next one is this Sunday and ice-cream for brunch is always a good idea!

ice cream sunday

Motherland: Parktown North, Rosebank, Dunkeld

My favourite coffee place. I don’t have much more to say than that because I’m not a coffee snob but I appreciate good service and supporting local brands. And Motherland is much better than the other place in Rosebank. Pictured below is The Dictator, which is espresso, condensed milk, cream and chocolate shavings – something I wouldn’t drink daily but is a cool to try once. They also make great cheesecake.

motherland coffee

The Whippet: Linden

AKA the most popular place in Linden before 5pm. You’ll wait for a table but it’ll be worth it. The French Toast was great just a bit too big and their mimosa’s make for a great way to start a Saturday. Oh and underneath all that toast is Nutella.

the whippet, brunch places

If you have any recommendations for cool places to try in Joburg please comment or drop me a mail ( Otherwise follow along on Instagram for where I’ll be brunching next.



Ps. Some exciting travel news coming soon 🙂



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