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During the holidays I lived in shorts, a slouchy tee and a costume. It’s what my uniform and I like it. Does that make me “un-style-ish”? (is that even a word?) Is having a routine and being comfortable so not fashion forward? Is it a bad thing that my style looks lazy? Can you tell I like rhetorical questions?

summer coat summer holiday look

I really love clothing. I used to come home from school everyday and tell my mom what my teacher was wearing. Not so productive to the whole learning thing.

In the past when I wasn’t in the mood to dress up, or wear something adventurous I used to think that maybe my love for fashion was fading. It made me anxious thinking that something I really enjoyed was maybe slipping away from me. My next thought was, “hey maybe I should just study law and leave this whole creative thing”. It took me a while to realise that my style was just evolving and that was okay.

I became more confident in what I decided to wear, regardless of how basic it was. I bought clothes that were an investment because they were good quality and I knew I’d wear them regularly. Which meant I may not have been wearing the most trendy clothes but that just meant I wasn’t buying a dress for the sake of having it. red bensimon shoesholiday style

Which sometimes means that I wear a different linen or cotton t-shirt every day with a pair of denim shorts. And when it rains I put on a long jacket with a pair of bright red shoes because I like the colour. In the end it’s not a major spring/summer 2017 look but it represents my summer holiday style.

It took me a long time to accept that just because I wasn’t wearing something brand new didn’t mean I was over fashion.

black coat, superbalist summer holiday style

Top: Country Road / Shorts: Factorie / Coat: Superbalist / Shoes: Bensimon

So this is a look that sums up my holiday basics, where it was hot, humid and rainy and I definitely wasn’t bothering with make-up.

This look was shot in a beautiful quaint beach town called Umzumbe, read more about my adventures there over here.




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  1. Love this uber natural look (not crazy about the black jacket defeating your soft colours but hey.. maybe it’s about framework?!)

    No, fashion is not conducive to schoolwork but it’s education of another sort as you’ve taught me!

    A huge area of learning curve for some of us.. that which comes naturally to others.. Hmmm, forever learning from our kids!

    Hey, maybe schools should do the changing for a change (as you used to say about Valentine’s day:)


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