Balancing act

boho top, pink emroidery, cotton on

Would you believe me if I said these shorts were turning 9 this year?

What’s more shocking is that they still fit me. The colour has changed but my feeling for them have remained the same.

ootd, summerwhite flowy top, cotton on

When I bought these shorts at the tender age of 16 they were probably the most expensive piece of clothing I had purchased by myself. Costing nearly R700 I had to convince myself I’d wear them all the time. Although realistically I definitely didn’t think that I’d still own them for that long.. mostly because I thought my sister would steal them or my mom would give them away by “mistake”.

These shorts have traveled with me to the Amazon river in Bolivia, to the beaches of Brazil, they’ve gone swimming in the Storms River and they formed part of my varsity uniform in Cape Town. And then I sort of just stopped wearing them because they reminded me too much of being a teenager. So they sat at the back of my cupboard until recently.

zara strappy shoes pink eye clutchThere’s so much sentimental value on these little blue shorts I could never convince myself to get rid of them. I guess that’s what happens when you buy something you “have to have”, something that has a value. They stay with you so much longer than that cheap thing you bought online because there was a promo running.

Which takes me to what I enjoy about fashion; pairing a new top with an old pair of shorts and still loving what I look like in them. Balancing the old with the new. Which is really cheesy because it sounds like a life motto but thinking about it, it kind of is my motto for this year… Reconnecting with old friends, making new ones, trying to get back into old routines like running and trying new things like photography. It’s all a balancing act.

south african styleblue shorts

Plus wearing flowy tops that have a ’70s bell sleeve balance out these short-shorts in a perfect summer way. Not to mention this top has pink embroidery and I’m currently going through a pink phase or should I say ‘rose’ phase – I bought a rose gold laptop case, a dusty pink mug, a bright pink water bottle and I’m eyeing out a rose gold luggage set (which I might regret later but at least I’ll always be able to find my suitcase).

pink embroidery

Top: Cotton On / Shorts: Guess / Clutch: Cotton On / Shoes: Zara

Also how cool is this pink clutch with eyes on? Don’t answer that, I know it’s cool.











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  1. No mistaking these shorts Girl;)

    Relishing pics at the bottom of your blog.. brilliant!

    Thanks Girl, you take fashion to a higher level than I ever dreamed it could go..

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