’70s bell sleeves


All I’m trying to do is hide my arms with bell sleeves and pretend I’m in Mad Men

Don’t get me wrong the story-line in Mad Men was awesome but the clothes were better. It’s just a pity that fast fashion has ruined all the good parts of the ’70s style revival.

Summer is here with full on 30 degree heat in Joburg. Yay and nay (flip it’s hot). Which means two things:

  1. I want to wear all my mini skirts
  2. I want to hide my arms because guess who avoided gym in winter??

Luckily the iconic ’70s style works with both the above points – balancing out a mini skirt with a conservative arm length and then actually just covering up the arm jiggle.

mini-skirt-flowy-top south-african-summer-style bell sleeves

I’ve recently gone through a mini skirt buying spree. I love them for summer because they’re flattering, cool and you can still play around with different styles by adding a top to change up the look. Whereas with dresses you’re stuck with that one style. This Aztec detailed one is really beautiful and reminds be of all the bright patterns and fabrics in South America.

People get jobs in New York advertising agencies by embracing the risque style that the ’70s were renowned for, right? So I’ll pretend I’m Sally Draper trying to be Megan Draper with bell sleeves and a mini skirt. Finishing off the look with big bold sunglasses and some leather mules and then bam…hello Don Draper.

aztec-mini-skirt-zara south-african-style zara-style

It seem that 2016 and 2015 have been extracting all the best fashion moments from the ’70s era. Yes they’ve brought certain styles back to life with a modern twist however this has come at a price (*dramatic music*). The industry has taken those iconic styles and in many ways ruined them. By producing clothes for the purpose of only being on the shop floor for less than a month. This perpetuates the notion of clothes being a one wear thing. Which results in a lower quality product, outsourced labour to overseas countries and in the end a product that is cheap.

As someone who loves the ethos of ‘slow fashion’ and investing in specific pieces it’s often difficult to enjoy this fast fashion aspect. Suddenly I’m seeing bell sleeves everywhere and I know in like 2 weeks the mannequins will be replaced with something more “current”. And then there goes all that ’70s fun and my dream of Studio 54.

mini-skirt-mules-70s-fashion miu-miu-glasses-70s-sunglasses

Top: Zara / Skirt: Mango / Leather Mules: Country Road / Sunglasses: Miu Miu

I often feel like I’m stuck between choosing something ‘classic’ that will last forever or buying something ‘trendy’. I try to prioritise the former or buy clothes that are on trend but that I see having a longer lifespan. This often comes down to ones personal style. I love loose flowing tops so I know I’ll wear this top with bell sleeves again. Anyway back to the real world filled with heat waves, bold glasses, mini skirts and hopefully Don Draper.






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