South African luxury bags


A journey to finding a leather bag that’s not made somewhere sh*t.

I’m writing about bags specifically because I think they epitomise the perfect “investment” piece when it comes to fashion. All the best bags are leather (obvs) and that’s always worth talking about. More importantly a woman’s handbag is an extension of her personality, if you’re pedantic like me you wouldn’t just purchase any odd bag without thinking about the inside pocket space for your phone. Duh.

Let’s start at the beginning, a very good place to start (enter The Sound of Music soundtrack).

There was a time when I was 13/14 ish, basically the start of high-school when I first really got into following brands. Not just any brands but the kinds of brands you wish you could own one day. As a teenager, obsessed with fashion, my ‘goals’ were simple:

a) Kiss a boy (*rolls eyes*)

b) Own a Louis Vuitton bag one day (*rolls eyes even more*)

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the LV brand, I think it has a strong history and has built up a powerful brand especially with luxury bags. However the issue I have with teenage me is that when it came to “luxury” all I knew were European labels. The idea of a South African, locally produced product didn’t even cross my mind as something special.

It took me a few years and a bit of research to find that luxury bags, or any other luxury good, existed locally. I’m not just referring to beautifully designed bags that are available here but rather ones that are made here. Manufactured by local people and inspired by local designs/art/magic/surroundings/vibes.

So instead of saving up for a black Prada Shoulder Bag (which one day I will buy) I’m first going to purchase a handbag that’s made, designed and sold in South Africa.

I’ve currently been looking at IlundiAAKS (made in Ghana) and Thalia Strates bags however because I’m treating myself I thought I’d go a bit bigger. Missibaba big! I’ve followed Missibaba for a while and I’m drawn to their bright designs. I love how each piece is so unique it feels like you’re walking around with an art piece.

Here are a selection that I’ve narrowed it down to:

cha-ching-secret-garden-missibaba-bag luxury-bags-leather-bucket-bag missibaba-handmade-south-african-bags tropicana-traveler-missibaba pineapple-scallop-sling-missibaba-bag pineapple-scallop-cha-ching-luxury-bags south-african-bags

Let’s all try not be lame and go shopping at a department store only to find out the luxury bags we’ve just spent a lot of money on are made in China. Shop local people and start thinking just as highly of local labels as we do of international ones.



All imagery (including header image) sourced from Missibaba’s Facebook and Instagram page. These images do not belong to me.







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