Hat life

white crop top, denim skirt

Why wearing a hat makes me feel like Dora The Explorer.

If I have to read one more Buzzfeed/Huffington Post type article on, “Why I sold my car and quit my job to travel through South America” I’ll vomit. Slightly dramatic I know. While they’re living their best life I’m walking the streets of Joburg in my hat. Which I recently discovered doesn’t give me that much sun protection. Sometimes fashion is the worst.

jo borkett hat street style, hat beige wool hat

It seems like every second person is giving up climbing the corporate ladder to start either their own freelance business or their adventure overseas. I talk about doing the same, but would I really? Like could I actually give up on:

  • Space for all my shoes and new hat (suitcases aren’t that big)
  • Getting a salary – I kind of enjoy this.
  • My own (cloud) bed.
  • Would I have my own bathroom while backpacking in South-East Asia? Probably not. Definitely enjoy a good bath.
  • Toilet paper – not going into detail here.

dear rae jewellery, fashion

But then I’m like, “I need an adventure”, I can’t keep going out to dinner in Parkhurst and expecting to meet new people. Reasons to leave and buy a new hat:

  • Learn a new language
  • YOLO (can’t believe I just typed that)
  • Live in a city that has a subway system
  • Change the colour of my hair (kind of off topic but I feel if you’re able to move counties you’re brave enough to change your hair)

So that’s where my life is at currently. Basically experiencing a millennial life crisis (that’s what these things are called). What better way to face the world than by wearing my summer uniform – hat, skirt, top. I’m all about simplicity and versatility plus wearing a hat makes me feel like Dora and Dora can do anything she wants.

summer hat look, flat shoes summer south african style

Top: Forever New / Skirt: Zara / Bag: Forever New / Hat: Jo Borkett / Jewellery: Dear Rae

Oh another great reason to wear a hat… greasy hair? Maybe, who knows.



Ps: It’s been a really hectic few weeks at work, it’s the start of summer and I work at an ice-cream company…Β  I find it so tough to separate the stress of work (yes there are tough days in the ice-cream business) with my personal life. Which often means that I don’t get to post on my blog as often as I’d like to. So currently on a mission to find a way to relax and focus on what I enjoy at the same time. Any suggestions are welcome πŸ™‚








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  1. GOt loads of advice Girl! But then I don’t think you really need it, especially from this source:)
    LOve this post.. love your nakedness;):)

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