Friday Favourites: South African brands

South African brands, dear rae

Take a Friday chill and swoon over some of my favourite South African brands

Let’s begin where all good things start, at home. There are some really amazing stand out South African brands, which are not only making the local market hit “like” but expanding internationally as well.

I’m a firm believer in supporting local talent. This isn’t just because it helps our economy but handmade local goods are often better quality. And I’m all about investment pieces. Also why buy something intentionally that takes a million days to get here and then get slammed with custom fees. Booo that just sounds like a kak day.

Here’s a list of some of my faves:

1. Jane Sews

South African Brands, jane sews dress

Jane Sews is a clothing designer and manufacturer based in Durban. I recently bought these leather midnight blue penny loafers from the online store. They were a bit big so I needed to exchange them for smaller size. Luckily I was going to Durban the next weekend so it was the perfect excuse to pop into the space and see everything else on offer.

This Rhea Dress pictured above is currently on my lust list as well as these Viola stacked heels. They’re both so versatile and made of natural fabrics: pure linen and leather respectively.

jane sews block heel2. Dear Rae

Full disclosure; I used to work at Dear Rae part-time as a student and that’s obviously when I fell in love with the brand’s ethos and products. None of the jewellery is plated so you won’t suddenly find your silver ring turn copper. The pieces are all hand-made in the factory based in Woodstock, Cape Town.


Gold, silver and brass are the only metals used in production, which gives the pieces longevity for everyday use. These two items, the Rose Gold Crest Ring and the Green Agate Pendent are the two items I’ve been eyeing out recently. And just this week they launched a new range called The Fancy Pants Collection, find it


Another Cape Town jewellery brand but this time with more of an African an Middle Eastern influence. The accessories are bright and made with mainly rope and other stand out materials. Specifically stones, beads and crystals.

CORAL BALLS, pitchulik

These are my favourite necklaces from the collections because they’re understated and vibrant at the same time. Shop them here and here. Tassle Ndebele, Pitchulik

4. Missibaba

It’s decided, my Christmas present to myself is going to be a Missibaba bag! Now I just have to decide which one it will be. I remember a friend first introducing me to this South African brand 6 years ago in Cape Town. We walked into Woodstock and visited the studio, I bought a little pouch with my student savings. Now 6 years later it’s time to invest in one of the full on bags.

The website has been down for ages so I use their Facebook page to keep up to date with what’s new and what’s in store

Missibaba, sliver sling bag Missibaba toteMissibaba purple sling bag


5. Espardril

For about 2-3 months last year I would check on the Superbalist website to if my size had been restocked. Clearly it was a sad time in my life. But eventually they were available and since then I’ve basically worn them to death. Which means I probably need a new pair.

Espardril is a South African brand based in Cape Town but inspired by summer days in Spain. The shoes blend the classic espadrille style with South African prints to make really comfy summer shoes.

espardil-shoes by south african brand

Click here and here to shop the Loneta Atada and the Protea Espardril. protea-espardril


6. Zana

Zana is a one of my favourite South African brands producing fabrics. What differentiates them are their quirky textiles and home-wear as well as their active engagement with their social media following.

I won’t be able to list all the cute items I’ve been considering but this bed linen and laptop case are pretty high up on the lust-list. I also suggest you sign-up to their newsletter because they often update it with specials for their online store.

zana-bedding zana-laptop-case

Shop local, buy quality, keep it forever and smile because your cupboard is filled with best South African brands 🙂



PS. Feel free to contact me (email: if you know if any other local brands making waves in South Africa, I’m always on a hunt for new pieces.

All imagery sourced from the specific brands that are mentioned and do not belong to The Leather Marshmallow.








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