Waistcoat lovin’

suede bag, mango

Is it rock n’ roll chic? Or is the waistcoat just a cool accessory for a basic black outfit?

All black outfits can be boring. There I said it.

*sits in an all black outfit while typing*

What I’m trying to say is that black is a classic but relying on it on a daily basis can be boring. Without the waistcoat this outfit would just be black skinny jeans and a black cotton tee. Now there’s an element of rock n roll, or at least I think so.

Monochrome look Waistcoat

A friend of mine was throwing out some clothes and this waistcoat was part of the collection. Don’t you love it when that happens? It’s the kind of sharing economy I can relate to. That’s what I really enjoy about fashion, that ability to take a piece of clothing and dress it up differently and as a result giving it new life.

I’ve said this a lot and I’ll say it again… I used to be very negative about winter but this year it’s been different. I’ve worn the all white outfit, the funky wool jersey, the starry stand out dress and even decided I wanted to look French. I made an effort to wear all the pieces of clothes I buy because I love, but never end up wearing because, “I’ll just wear all black, it’s simple and classic”. And now as winter fades I’m emphasising dressing plain but jazzing it up with a rock n roll esque waistcoat.

Black on black outfit Black spring outfit

Besides for this waistcoat, which I wore for nearly 3 days straight with different looks, I haven’t taken off these navy blue loafers. They’re made locally from pure leather with a stack heel so they’re really comfy. I think they’re perfect with jeans, a cute summer dress or just some tailored pants and a blazer. I’m really into buying clothes that will last, shoes that won’t just break after a season. It’s so worth investing in quality and getting more use out of an item than buying cheap stuff on a regular basis. That’s also why I couldn’t resist the suede tote, which I was lucky enough to find on a the Mango sale.

Jane sews leather loafers full look waistcoat

T-shirt: Country Road / Jeans: H&M / Waistcoat: Gift / Loafers: Jane Sews / Bag: Mango from Spree / Glasses: Ray-Ban from Sunglass Hut

I may not look as rock n roll as I think I am but at least I’m not just wearing all black again 🙂










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