Star Gazer

Star mini dress

The best distraction is dress up

I have clear memories throughout my childhood of using dress up as a tool to distract myself from studying for maths, in particular, but other things as well. It became an escape to dive into my dress up cupboard and put on pieces that took me to different moments, captured different characters and overall kept my love of clothing alive in a rigid school environment. Because I was home schooled for a bit I chose to do “fashion as a subject”. This basically involved drawing dresses, going shopping at the Oriental Plaza, to pick out fabric, and then helping my mom sew.

That’s what this Star Gazer dress does for me, helps me step out of reality, even for a moment or two, and pretend that I’m still spinning around and playing dress up. These are the kinds of goals everyone’s should have in their 20s by the way.

my scattered heart dress

For the past few years I’ve always found this time of year difficult, our dad passed away a few Julys ago so that memory is always very dominant. July is also my birthday month, which is exciting, but I have an irrational fear of aging so I tend to melt down a little. To ease the pain my mom bought me eye cream, goodbye crow eyes!

Star gazer dressdress, star gazer

I realised I needed distractions in order to keep focused so I developed this blog, and used my love of fashion, fabrics, dress up and design to keep me busy. As time’s gone by The Leather Marshmallow doesn’t just keep me busy but rather has become my favourite hobby…after actually shopping online and then getting things delivered and then Snapchatting them.

Exploring the world of fashion online has made me take what I thought would only be a game of dress up in my room to so much more. Which is why I’m sharing this star gazer dress. I first saw Chiara Ferragni and Jessica Stein wear a similar version of this dress a few months back. I searched online and found it on Revolve here, but it was way out of my price range until I found it on My Scattered Heart. Yay for globalisation, jokes sometimes that stuff is bad.

Miu miu glasses

Short star dress from my scattered heart

Star Gazer dress: My Scattered Heart / Leather belt: market in Florence / Tights: Woolworths / Leather Chelsea boots: Trenery / Sunglasses: Miu Miu from Sunglass Hut

Although June/July aren’t my favourite times of year I’m lucky enough to still play dress up at 24 and wear a dress with stars all over it.








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