Christmas jersey in July…ish

winter jersey

Making Bolivian llama jerseys a thing in Jozi

Disclosure: I had to Google “what is the plural of jersey?” – so basically life is great and also it was a long time since I was at school.

I’m turning 24 next month so I figured it was time I wore my uber cool Christmas jersey with llamas all over. That’s what chic people in their mid-20s do right? Plus it’s cold in Joburg and I haven’t worn it since I bought it last year while traveling through Bolivia.

Disclosure: I had to Google “what is the difference between lama and llama?” – turns out one is a monk and the other is on my Christmas jersey.

christmas jersey in july IMG_5580

The thought of getting older really terrifies me, not just because of all the knitted granny jerseys ahead of me, but because life is getting real. The kind of real that’s hard, like finding out how to do you taxes or searching for medical aid. It’s times like this that I become fond of communism.

red bag, llama jersey full look with christmas jersey(This is my serious face, which also works if you’re worried you have lipstick on your teeth)

denim and wool knit bolivian knit jersey

Never before have I been more firm on investing in good quality fabrics, which don’t always have to be the priciest but will always be the most reliable. Like these leather boots that have lasted the rainy weather, drink spills and kilometers of walks. As well as this Christmas jersey, which wasn’t expensive and is made out of pure Alpaca wool so when it comes to warmth it’s up there with ski-level warmth. grey leather boots, country road IMG_5629

Christmas jersey: Shop in La Paz, Bolivia / Jeans: Zara / Bag: Jo Borkett / Leather boots: Country Road

On a side note to getting old and wearing granny jerseys, this is the first time I’ve ever worn a bright coloured lipstick (except for a school play and a 21st dress up party). I guess this is all part of growing up.







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