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safw 2016 show

The good, the bad and the fashionable at SAFW

I attended day 2 of SAFW, which featured SIES!Isabelle, WITH, ERRE, Anmari Honiball, and Rubicon. Being my first fashion week and all I didn’t really know what to expect, my only current reference are the SnapChat stories featuring Chanel ready to wear runway show. Let’s be serious that’s just on another level.

In all honesty I didn’t enjoy all the looks from the designers, overall I felt there was a lack of consistency throughout a collection but nevertheless a few pieces really stood out.

Layout SAFW 2016

What was interesting was the layout of the show, models walked through a spiral walkway of sorts, which with the music added a different energy to the evening. However it did make it a bit difficult to see each piece in full.


WITH safw 2016 WITH safw 2016


SIES!Isabelle safw 2016 SIES!Isabelle safw 2016

Really loved how this black skirt and top were fitted – from the top being more structured and formal then ending off with a flowy skirt giving a bohemian feel, emphasised with the lack of shoes. My favourite from this collection.


ERRE safw 2016 ERRE safw 2016

These two white pieces, while very simple, stood out the most to me, specifically the use of the cape.

ERRE Safw 2016

While I struggled to see how all the pieces fitted into a concise collection, I enjoyed the flow of colours starting with white, moving onto beige/neutral, brown and then ending with rich layering of black pieces.


My favourite of all the SAFW shows, was this installation by Rubicon, all models stood/sat in the center of the venue while the crowd walked around them. It was interesting, different and gave you an opportunity to look at the clothing in detail, which made you feel like you were engaging with the brand.

layout safw Rubicon safw 2016

The dress above stood out the most for me, loved the 50’s style length.

Rubicon safw 2016 Rubicon safw dress

Overall the best part of the night was definitely the Sunglass Hut pre-party. It made what feels like a very closed off elite fashion event lighthearted and emphasised the cool part of fashion – accessorising with trendy glasses, socialising and eating great food.

This is my and my main squeeze, my sister, it was a school night for her, but we still had fun ๐Ÿ™‚

safw sunglass hut party

That’s my SAFW done, making me even more excited to be part of this inspiring fashion world. Particularly in South African whereย upliftment of designers is so important in developing an industry.



Images: Some taken by me, others from SAFW







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