white knit on white jeans

Winter white knit with a touch of joy

I finally watched the movie Joy and it made me so happy, I’m still smiling. It also gave me a new burst of energy to give more attention to my blog and keep it going. It’s something I really enjoy doing but it’s easy to sideline it for things like work, sleeping, eating and pretending to go to gym.

white knit trenery

This particular look post comes at a good time for me to reflect on where my blog is going and where it’s come so far. Last year winter I did a post called “Winter white” with a look very similar to this one (I love white in winter), the images were low quality and shot quickly after work one day.

What I learnt was that a) I needed a new camera if I was to take my blog seriously and b) I needed to manage my time better and to schedule posts in advance. None of this rush back from work in traffic (while thinking of what to wear), get dressed, find someone to take photos for me, realise the sun is getting shitty, stress, and then hustle up a post. Uggghh, just ugghh…

pink bag, white skinny jeans What I kept emphasising when it came to fashion was that you shouldn’t compromise quality over quantity. This was the same for my blog.

mui mui sunglassesThe movie Joy made me see that I’ll always love Jennifer Lawrence, we could totally be friends in real life. And secondly it inspired me to work hard at what I love. I know it’s just a movie and I’m probably also swooned by Bradly Coopers good looks but a lot of what Joy went through hit home.

trenery white cable knit

Sun on my back, leather shoes on my feet, new sunglasses on my face, ready to conquer…just like Joy.


shades of white

White cable knit: Trenery / White skinny jeans: Mr Price / Black leather mules: Country Road / Pink sling bag: Forever New / Sunglasses: Miu Miu from Sunglass Hut

Happy days everyone..



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