The creep of Autumn

aumtun look


The way I feel about Autumn creeping into my life is actually very similar to the way I feel about my birthday every year. I try wear summer clothes for as long as possible hoping that somehow it may have magical powers over the change of season. It doesn’t.

It’s all quite ironic considering my birthday is smack bam in the middle of a South African winter. Maybe it all means something.

Autumn chill 1Autumn chill 2

When change in season begins or a new month rolls in I’m reminded of the things I wanted this year to be about. Doing what makes me comfortable, saying what I want and using The Leather Marshmallow to grow and show my love for fashion and the industry.

bensimon shoesAutumn chill 3

ray ban sungless

This year I’m embracing it all, Autumn, Winter, getting older, clothes I never wore, people I haven’t seen, things that in the past would make me anxious and even some spicy food.

Turns out I like mixing casual and formal, keeping monochrome and adding a bit of colour. Lucky for me olive green is best shade.


This look encompasses me being me.. Casual chic while enjoying the last of the summer sun as Autumn begins.


Top: Zara / Jeans: Random Boutique / Bag: Blackcherry / Shoes: Bensimon / Glasses: Rayban via Sunglass Hut

Whatever season you’re going into I hope you enjoy it.



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