Ruffles & Mules

ruffles on dress

ruffles on dress

Ruffles, a great name for your dog, you know if you were looking for something like that. But also it’s a trend that’s popping up for upcoming AW/SS.

Trends, either you dig them or you’re tired of them. They’re all just elements of pieces that stood out back in the day. Here’s my take on a modern ’50s look: Ruffles, a vintage bag, and mule shoes.

Mule shoesIMG_3513

So this is me, rocking the ruffles in the most discreet way possible. See people with boobs, and I mean, bigger boobs, cannot wear ruffles. Well you can but this is what happens… the top of your waist looks like you’re smuggling (not smarties) but a huge balloon and consequently make your legs look like those of a baby giraffe…wearing heels.

Hence the small touch of ruffles around the shoulder and the back of the dress, where the shape contrasts ones collar bones and straight back.

Dea rae ringsdea rae rings, white leathe bag

My mom always used to say when she was in her 20s she lived in grey and navy blue. While, like every other woman out there, I will adamantly say, “I’m not turning into my mother”, I find myself drawn to black, white, grey and most of all navy blue. It’s a colour I’ve found works with my skin tone and isn’t as harsh as black.white leather clutch

I fell in love with these speckles that add a bit of character to what would be a normal blue dress. The small speckles also work well with the soft ruffles making it a dress that’s actually quite different.

Full navy dress mule shoesIMG_3491_Fotor

Obsessed with these mule shoes I bought recently. They’re an “Autumn” shoe but actually they’re an everything, everyday, with anything, feet flattering shoe. Obviously they’re leather (hello invest piece), which means they’re comfortable, and they work perfectly as a day heel.

This white leather clutch bag was a gift from my gran this Christmas. It comes, yet again, from her incredible hand bag collection. Find more of her pieces here, here and here.

IMG_3533Dress with ruffles: Country Road / Mule leather shoes: Country Road / White leather clutch: vintage / Rings: Dear Rae

Ruffle up your weekend wardrobe with some texture and pattern. Or just get a dog and name him ruffles, who needs the latest trends when you have a puppy.



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