A look at the top trends in 2015

trends for 2015

2015 came and went in a flash, although I do say that every year so either I’m going to bed earlier or time as a measurement has changed completely.

Here is a look back on some of the top trends in 2015. From the cat walk, to retail stores and onto the streets these styles stood our the most and will likely still be around in 2016.


  • Flowy dresses and tops – think festival fashion and flashback to Woodstock 1969
  • Button down skirts – a staple piece for summer and winter. Click here to see a list of my favourites.
  • Bell sleeves and bell bottom jeans – essentially anything with flares. I just loved the mashup between ‘hippie’ flares on structured pieces that added a modern twist to this ’70s item

70s trend in 201590s – they’re still around

  • Crop tops – evolved into high fashion  with a formal touch. Kim and the rest of the Kardashians were the forefront of this style on the red carpet
  • Dungarees revival – making it cool to act like a ’90s kid again! Showing us that denim will never die.
  • Platform shoes – they’ve been coming in and out for a couple of years but in 2015 we sore it evolve into all styles. Espadrille platforms, sandal platforms and even sneakers with platforms. Essentially 2015 brought the Spice Girls back
  • Polo necks – it’s only the start… The classic ’90s item will evolve into different fabrics and patterns to make it a stand alone piece in the coming year.

90s fashion


  • Fringe – and anything suede. Making festival looks chic and adding texture to traditionally classic pieces
  • Over the knee boots – both boho and a ’70s trend, this was the ‘it’ boot to buy in 2015.
  • Peasant dress – the most versatile and comfy dress. It’s a big claim I know, but definitely my favourite trend from 2015
  • Off the shoulder tops – grab that boob tube bra or go bra less basically. A truly flattering piece that gave shape to simple looks.

bohemian trends in 2015

Ripped jeans – knee rips and raw hems were the biggest changes to jeans since the boyfriend revolution.

  • Skinny jeans with small slits over the knee
  • Complete rips all over jeans giving texture to the piece
  • Raw hems – both on jeans and shorts the frayed hems added flare as well as emphasised the ’70s theme

ripped jeans trend

White er thang

  • White on white – previously considered a tampon look now is seen to as a bright a summer and winter look
  • White sneaker were paired with casual and formal wear adding a sporty element to outfits
  • Shades of white – I love the idea of different shades and textures of the same colour

white trend 2015Wrap up, lace up shoes

  • Block heels with lace ups – contrasting the stiff block heel
  • Espadrills with wrap around ankle
  • Boho gladiator sandals – fusing roman and bohemian elements in one shoe while showing off those ankles
  • Lace up ballet flats – taking the classic ballet and pointy shoe and adding wrap around detail.

lace up shoe trend 2015

*All images sourced from Pinterest

With out a doubt a lot of these 2015 trends will spill over into 2016 for a bit. I fully believe a trend doesn’t have to just be a once off look. Try re-work them into different styles to make purchasing these items worth while 🙂




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