Slip in and out of a slip dress

slip dress

dress with slit

It’s summer, it’s hot, it’s run on the beach naked time… If that’s your vibe. Otherwise it’s still hot and the less you wear the better, enter the Slip Dress.

pin strip slipp dress summer slip dress

Slits on a slip dress..

Pro: High slits let the breeze come in

Con: A little too much wind and everyone sees your umm…panties.

Solution: Find a slip dress that shows a little bit of skin (side note: my mother, my sewing queen, is going to sew this up a little for me)

Slip dress with sandals Pro: slip dresses look good with everything. This fashion(y) blog has always been about practical clothes that are versatile and worth buying or investing in. It works with heels for a night out and even slops at the coast. Cha-ching.

Con: Don’t be silly, there are no more cons to a slip dress, duh. Just slip one into your suitcase (they’re super thin too) and it’ll save you space to pack other things like…hats. Becasue hats are the biggest mission to pack.

black bow sandals back of slip dress

Here I wore my pin strip slip dress with black bow sandals to give it some femininity (and also to show off my manicured white toes – white toes are a thing, trust). Then added a pink sling bag, which accentuated the faint pink stripe in the dress.

The ‘belt’ tied at the back also takes away from the dress being an ordinary sack dress. I still love sack dresses, but a belt is great for giving form to your waist.

forever 21 slip dress

loose summer dress. forever 21

Side note – these dresses wear best with a boob tube bra as they hang loosely over your shoulders (too many straps aren’t cool with a look like this).

Stripped dress for summer

Slip dress: Forever21 / Black bow sandals: Woolworths / Sling bag: Forever New

Packing basics like a versatile dress when you’re on holiday is the way to go. ‘tis the season to slip into a slip dress.



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