Currently Craving: Christmas shopping for the ladies

xmas shopping

I used to love walking around the shops, going from store to store, finding what clothes and fabrics were in season.. Now, well things have changed slightly.. If you’re looking for me I’ll be in bed with with a packet of speckled eggs and my laptop. Ie, the best way to do Christmas shopping.

The reality is online shopping is just too good. Maybe it’s my age, or maybe it’s just the evolution of how we consume these days, but I can’t justify walking around a mall, surrounded by crowds only to finally find something in my size and then have to stand in a queue to try it on.

So basically I’ve put my love for browsing the net into a list of great Christmas shopping gift guide for them ladies (creepy voice not included).

  1. Daniel Wellington: Classy St Mawes – $149 /R2 168
  2. Superbalist: Blue Milk phone cover – R249
  3. Old Khaki: Rare Earth Scarlet Ladies Sandals – R499
  4. Takealot: Kindle Touch wifi – R1679
  5. Superbalist: Veri Keychain – R169
  6. Woolworths: Country Road, Grey Spot Tote – R549
  7. Superbalist: Nolden Bros, House Table Lamp – R299
  8. Dear Rae: Sashe Silver Songololo Pendent – R690
  9. Carrol Boyes: Unity Ring – R800 / $55
  10. Jane Sews: Felt Hat – R699
  11. Superbalist: Fisheye, Insta Lense – R299

Enjoy the gift of Christmas shopping online 🙂




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