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leather wrap sandals

Leather is my first love. It’s natural, has lasted the test of time but more importantly makes financial sense when it comes to buying clothes you want to last forever. (Like pass onto your children, and grandchildren and great grandchildren #ThanksForMyBagsMom)

From “normcore” to “boho” and “’70s style”, leather just happens to also be a huge trend at the moment. Or maybe leather just fits into everything so perfectly it’s a trend in its self. Yeah it is!

Here are some of my favourite leather pieces at the moment:

leather shoes1. Laura mid heel sandal, Trenery, AUS $179 (R1 702) – a little bit of the gladiator shoe vibe but with a heel that is actually comfortable

2. Chantal sandal, Country Road, AUS $99.95 (R950) – ankle wrap trend

3. Penny Loafer, Jane Sews, R999 – classic for winter and summer and made in South Africa

4. Grey Suede pump heels: JCrew, $255 (R3 336) – very simple heel and in a storm grey, which is a nice change if you own a lot of black

Leather jackets5. Suede waterfall jacket, Mango, R2599 – a great cover-up piece that’s light enough for summer

6. Fringed Suede gilet: Mango, R1399 – fringe, fringe, fringe…boho alert

7. Flap-pocket suede jacket, Mango, R1849 – more of a winter piece, that’s structured enough to last from season to season

Leather bags

8. Thalia Strates, email for price – A South African bag designer with a few pieces (and I want them all)

9. Leather Messenger bag with Golden Clasp, Zara, US$119.00 (R2 603)

10. Llanca: Brown leather tote, Rowdy, R600 – another South African designer, actually have this bag in a darker brown  (their bags are amazingly priced)

11. Cecile leather bag: Superbalist, R1599 – multipurpose bag that can be worn as a cross-body, over the shoulder or as a backpack (that’s like 3 bags in 1)

Hope you enjoy the collection of leather goods 🙂



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  1. Absolutely love your leathery writing-style Girl, and the Llanca brown leather tote… Oooh!
    And your ‘life in squares’ even though I know it’s FAR from square!!!

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