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smart casual

blazer and skinny jeans

“It’s going to be really chilled but you have to look nice but also it’s not a cocktail party”…..ummm okay.. “So do I need to wear heels?”… “Well you obviously don’t have to, but also don’t look like a hooker if you do. Just dress smart-casual.”

This is basically my dilemma every time someone says “smart casual”. What do you mean??? Do jeans count? or must I wear a dress? But wait you said not cocktail, hmmm.. *lies awake at 3am contemplating what smart-casual means and thus the purpose of life*

work look work outfit

‘Smart-casual’  is thrown around at every occasion it even goes so far to encompass work clothes (depending on where you work obviously) . To help you avoid sleepless nights I’ve pretty much put together an outfit that sums up what I think ‘smart-casual’ means in the simplest monochrome look…Because let’s be serious everyone owns black and white clothes.

Replicating the smart casual look:

Black pants: I opted for black skinny jeans – which are a wardrobe staple because you can style them for a more formal look like I did here, with heels, or dress them down, with sneakers. Knee rip jeans are a big trend at the moment and give an outfit a bit more edge, which is cool for going out or for work if you’re in a more creative environment.

White top: It’s so handy to have a couple of good quality white tops, I have loads and I’m always using them to style different looks. A good time to buy quality white/black/grey tops are on sales because you’re getting great value for money and they’re a classic that will last season after season. Just make sure you’re wearing a bra that doesn’t stick through your white top – could get really awkward at an event/work.

Blazer: Look it’s not just a blazer; it’s so much more. If your blazer is the right fabric it becomes a perfect “cover-up”, which is really handy when it’s a bit cold or in an office environment. You never know,  you might end up chatting to your future boss and standing there in a tight vest may not be appropriate. That’s where your blazer becomes the ‘smart’ to your ‘casual’.

strappy heels for work

Bag: I love adding a bright element to a monochrome look. This structured red bag is right size to throw in stuff for work, lunch, running around, hiding chocolate or anything else you might need on a daily basis.

Shoes: Everyone needs a pair of strappy heels, something semi-smart, not hookery and that blends into a simple look. These heels add a bit more sophistication to knee ripped jeans but keeps the whole look quite casual because they’re not too flashy.

simple work clothesWhite top: Trenery /  Blazer: Rozanne & Pushkin / Black skinny jeans: Mr Price / Bag: Jo Borkett / Heels: Steve Madden

Let me know how you conquer the smart casual look 🙂



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