gypsy dress

gypsy dress So I made this huge leap (with anxiety, tears and late nights) and quit my job. I quit so I could become a traveling gypsy whose cupboard was filled with clothes from all over the world. Ha, jokes I’m not part of Rich Kids of Beverley Hills!

indian sling bag gypsy fress black bootsFor reals though I wanted a job where I could wear gypsy dresses and do something different. It was a super tough decision to make, because I work with such great people and was learning so much, but it feels like the right choice for the future. But onto new adventures in the Joburg working world… Gypsy dress and all!

graffiti wall

A flowy dress is the perfect I-need-summer-to-arrive piece. It not only says “I can conquer the world by spinning around” but also works for Spring/Autumn/what ever the season is called when the weather is on drugs. And finally it has bell sleeves which,

a) Is an iconic ‘70s style element…and it’s pretty clear how that’s trending

b) Saves you when it’s slightly breezy and your arms are cold

graffiti wall and dressGypsy dress: Mr Price / Bag: Market in India / Boots: Trenery

On another note how cool are these graffiti walls in Joburg? I love finding little spots like this around cities. Makes me want to go back to Beco de batman in São Paulo!

Anyway here’s to new beginnings, jobs, seasons, clothes, being a gypsy, ‘70s inspired looks and shopping.



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