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lingerie as outerwear, lingerie, bras, currently cravingI’ve always been obsessed with shoes, collecting vintage bags, and investing in leather items but another one of my “weaknesses” is lingerie.

To be specific about it all, I’m a bit bra crazy. I love the delicate details, special “features” and small differentiators that make the perfect bra. More than that a bra can make or break an outfit. Too small and your girls are peaking out, too big and you look lumpy in the wrong places.

So from now on I’ll be featuring a lot more lingerie on my blog. The reason for this is because:

a) I love lingerie and feel there’s a bit of a gap in the blogging sphere on this topic

b) Every woman should know more about these essential items, seeing as we wear them everyday, and wearing the wrong bra can cause long term damage on ones posture

Currently there’s a whole trend towards wearing bras as outerwear creating a blend between casual-chic and sexy. My favourite outfit ideas to pull off this outerwear trend (and not look like a manikin with no clothes) are:

  • A baggy vest and a cute lacy bra sticking out, distressed denim jeans and high top sneakers
  • Black bustier (like number 4), high waisted black fitted pants and pointy black heels
  • Open half buttoned white shirt with a white string detailed bra peaking through, denim cut-offs and lace up sandals

Perfecting these outfits will give a glimpse of the beautiful bra details while still looking stylish. And here are the bras you need to make it work:

  1. God Save Queens, Shadow Bra, R368.71/$28.71, shop here
  2. Topshop, Floral Applique Triangle Bra, R401/£20, shop here
  3. Journelle, Sweetest Sin Demi Bra, R466/$38, shop here
  4. La Perla, Embroidered tulle and neoprene bra, R24 451/£1 219.09 (yes that’s the real price and that’s why it’s on my currently craving lust list), shop from Net-A-Porter here 
  5. Heidi Klum Intimates, Amour Perdu silk-georgette and lace underwired bra, R1 657.80/£82.65, shop from Net-A-Porter here
  6. Victoria Secret, Chantilly Lace Unlined Halter Bra, R751.30/$58.50, shop here 
  7. Calvin Klein, Spree lace and stretch-tulle underwired bra, R1 243.39/£61.99, shop from Net-A-Porter here
  8. Roberto Cavali underwear, Roberto Cavali, R539,38/$42 , shop from Yoox here 

More lingerie to come, there are still hundreds more I’m lusting over. In the meantime I’d love to know what you think of  lingerie as an outerwear trend?



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