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brands, south africaWhen I hear of new brands coming to South Africa I think of two things.

  1. Yay because brands are finally seeing the value in coming to a South African market. Which also speaks volumes about the industry as well as the consumers.
  2. I hope that local brands continue to ‘step up’ by innovating and competing on a global stage. As a consumer I feel that there is no reason to only be given a few options when it comes to FMCG.

But more importantly there has been a lot in the local media around new brands arriving in South Africa. So I thought I’d break it down and tell you which I’m most excited about. Also I’d love to know if there’s anything you think I may have missed.

H&M South Africa h&m south africa I’ve been a super fan of H&M from when I went to London in 2006 (like a million years ago) so when I found out the brand would be coming to South Africa in October this year I was ecstatic. To me H&M is the epitome of fast fashion, combining big names at affordable pricing, so the decision to open a South African store says loads about the progression of the industry locally. h&m south africa h&m south africa The first store will open in the V&A Waterfront with a 4700 square meters double story (heaven) also making it one of the largest in the world (another yay for SA). For Joburg Sandton City and H&M announced via their Facebook page that H&M will open a 3000 square meter store in November. Christmas shopping just got a whole lot more fun. h&m south africa h&m south africa Images: show room launch in Cape Town from their Facebook Page

Cotton On x Mark Tuckey mark tuckey relax Although Cotton On is already in South Africa it’s exciting that they chose to also launch their new collaboration with Mark Tuckey in the South African market. mark tuckey sleepcotton on mark tuckey Mark Tuckey is an Australian furniture and home décor company. The brand creates solid timber furniture, which is made in Australia with sustainable products. The campaign with Cotton On features products categorised under; Eat, Drink, Relax, Store, Bathe, Sleep. I’m really excited about this because A) the products look amazing and B) they’re affordable too (kind of remind me of Country Road’s home collections). cotton on mark tuckey mark tuckey eat Pictures: From Cotton On website, see more campaign images here

Benefit Cosmetics benefit cosmeticsHonestly I don’t know much about Benefit Cosmetics other than they used to be in South Africa but left at the end of 2012. Oh and the fact that they have the cutest packaging.  It seems South African beauty lovers are super excited about the re-launch and I’m keen to see what the fuss is about :). Although I wonder if a big brand like Benefit Cosmetics offers hypo-allergenic products – if anyone knows, please do tell.. I have extremely sensitive skin and have battled with eczema all my life so I’ve always had to read every label carefully before letting it go anywhere near my skin.

For those in Joburg you’ll currently find their stock in Edgars (Sandton City and Clearwater Mall). With more stock arriving later this month in Joburg and Cape Town across Edgars and Red Square stores. Otherwise you can also shop Benefit Cosmetics online through Red Square here. Yay for brands coming back to South Africa!

Images: from Benefit Cosmetics website

Starbucks starbuscks south africa Okay so not exactly a fashion brand but find be someone in the industry who doesn’t survive on good coffee…

Starbucks have announced they’ll be launching in South Africa in 2016. Not too sure what all the fuss is about seeing as though we have so many great coffee locally and pretty sure they had a shop in Joburg.. Anyway maybe it’s a proper hard launch this time..?

At the moment I’ve seen a lot of talk around pricing so it will be interesting to see where they position themselves in the local market. I know the brand is considered expensive, by some, in the US – or more so than some smaller coffee shops. I know when I was in South America there was a slight discrepancy depending on location. Interestingly in Buenos Aires it was more expensive than local brands but in Sao Paulo it seemed very similar to local pricing. Hopefully their arrival also shows South Africans how great local coffee spots actually are and that not all heritage brands equal quality in every country. Regardless I’m still excited to see how they approach marketing, branding and their opening in South Africa.

Images: From Starbucks Pinterest page

With so many brands launching shops in South Afirca I’m sure there will be lots more following .. Let me know which ones you’re hoping will join.



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