Dressing for summer in winter

summer clothes

summer clothes, dressing for summer in winter, season change, wardrobe basics

It’s polo neck and coat winter weather here in Joburg, so when I packed for a quick getaway with the family to the Natal South coast I wasn’t exactly prepared. I know there’s a weather app that can predict this sort of thing… but telling myself to pack clothes for summer in winter is a bit of a reality hack.

It’s not as if I took winter stuff but the summer clothes I did pack weren’t anything special but rather my old faithful’s. Needless to say I needed these bad boys when arriving on a 30 degree summer day in the middle of “winter”.

summer clothes, denim shorts

summer dressing, white top

Which made me realise how much I rely on a few summer staples like denim shorts, plain flowy tops and a couple of loose dresses. It’s the same with every season though – basics are what a wardrobe is made up of, year after year.

denim shorts, white top

Natal south coast

The South Coast of Natal is really beautiful. It’s extremely lush, and humid so excuse the hair (this was a no straightener/dryer holiday). I love how right along the beach there’s a strip of “forest” vegetation, which is just the best to wake up to coming from dry Joburg winter. So naturally I came to rely on my wardrobe essentials like comfy denim shorts and thin vests.

natal landscape

full length summer outfit

If you follow me on Pinterest you’ll notice my current obsession with summer shoes that are delicate and have wrap detail around the ankle. So when I was searching for stuff to pack I found these sandals at the back of my cupboard from years ago. The wrap around detail reminded me so much of the shoes I’ve been lusting over for summer (think Cornetti summer collection).

summer sandals

Top: Factorie / Shorts: Cotton On / Bag: Forever New / Shoes: Woolworths (old)

If you’re on holiday somewhere experiencing either summer or winter I hope you have the right clothes on hand. Otherwise, that you at least have your wardrobe essentials hidden away as backup.



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