Trying new things in Florianópolis, Brazil


It’s winter in South Africa so it seems like a good time to travel back to Florianópolis, Brazil. This city was the best place to relax after countless hours at bus stations. What better way to recover than on an island. That’s what was so amazing about this trip is that I got to start off in cold La Paz and ended on an island in Brazil. The only issue was packing (and carrying) a backpack that accommodated both these climates – but I’m just going to ignore that part.

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Half the city sits on the mainland of Brazil while the other half is on the Santa Catarina Island (ie: beach, hostels, fun time area). We spent all our time on the island part for obvious reasons.

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Trying new food:

They’re a lot of great places to eat and that’s basically all we did on the island. Here’s a quick list of my favourites:

  • Breakfast: acai bowl (similar to a thick smoothie made with blended acai palm fruit – native to Brazil)
  • Best drink: caipirinha ( Brazil’s national cocktail made with their most popular spirit, cachaça)
  • Snack: shrimp “pies”
  • Dessert: churro with dulce de leche squeezed inside. Oh my…
  • Dinner: deep fried prawns on stick (that’s what I’m calling it)

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On the other spectrum we decided it would be nice to treat ourselves and go to a fancy restaurant one night. Looking back on this it was a funny story but when the food landed on my plate I nearly died (kind of like how Taylor Swift’s fans do)… I won’t put a picture up on my blog but if you want to see the nightmare on my plate you can find it on twitter here… But what basically happened is the Portuguese translation on the menu said I was ordering calamari… I ended up getting an octopus – full on suction cups and all! Moral of the story, the reasonably priced restaurants and street food was a bajillion times better than octopus arms :/

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I couldn’t go to Brazil and not buy a Brazilian bikini. I’m not sure what else to say besides the fact that I don’t have the ass to pull this kind of thing off. Nonetheless my white flat-as-day-old-beer bum bared it “all” on the beach. I’m not sure which was worse; lying on the beach next to tanned Brazilian women or the shop assistants trying to help me find something that I didn’t go bright red in. This is the only piece of evidence…the beer was nice.

brazil 10

Best places to shop:

  • Ironically, the shops closest to the beach even though you would assume they’d be the most over-priced. In actual fact they ended up being less expensive and they had a much bigger variety
  • In the city (but I didn’t really venture far into because the beach was more appealing)

It wouldn’t be a South American travel post if I didn’t put up a picture of Florianópolis street art…

brazil 11brazil 12

Definitely go to Florianópolis if you’re okay with trying new seafood mixtures and baring a little skin – it’s a hell of a lot better than this miserable weather.

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Wearing: dress: Vertigo / Shorts: Guess / Vest: Cotton On / Hat: market



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