Beco do batman

beco de batman


Far too many people told us not to go to Sao Paulo. Far too many people were wrong. Unfortunately we didn’t have a lot of time there but we did get to see Beco do batman – one of the highlights of my trip.

Sao Paulo is an incredible city firstly it’s huge like New York huge so there’s a lot to do. I imagine it’s not as ‘beautiful’ as Rio but the vibe, culture and nightlife is incredible. We were there the weekend of Lallapalooza, an annual music festival that appears in a couple of locations around the world. We didn’t make it to the festival but would definitely go had we thought to buy tickets in time. If you’re planning a trip to South America around March check the Lallapalooza dates and make it a priority.

beco de batman beco do batman

We stayed in an suburb called Vila Madelena – a hip up-and-coming area that’s filled with bars, amazing designers, shops and street art. Stay there – it’s awesome, the restaurants are great, you spend your nights walking from bar to bar and it seemed really safe too.

Beco do batman, which means ‘batman alley’, goes back to the 80s when a painting of Batman appeared on one of the walls. It’s now more of an ‘urban gallery’ of sorts with tons of different pieces of street art.

beco de batmanbeco de batman

Beco do batman showcases some of the best and well-known street artists in Sao Paulo (maybe even in the world – my ’professional opinion’ of course) and the coolest thing is that it changes constantly.

beco de batman beco de batmanbeco de batman

Vest: Cotton On / Shorts: Cotton On / Shoes: Converse All Stars / Sling Bag: Zana

I would really recommend stopping in Sao Paulo if you have the chance, there’s so much to do I just wish we had more time there.





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