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leather vintage bag


Vintage pieces can transform a rather simple outfit and make it more interesting. I prefer to dress everything else down and let the vintage piece stand out. Here I’m wearing classic blue jeans and white t-shirt (cue Gaslight Anthem) with this brown crocodile leather bag. Eeek, not sure how okay it is to wear this type of leather these days – does anyone know?

DSCN4085_vintage bag

Most of my vintage pieces I’ve come into belong to my gran. She has a wonderful collection and this brown bag is one of them. The best thing about vintage finds is the way you choose to use them. This particular bag had a small strap – like the ones women used to have in the 60s (think Mad Men) that they would hang off their wrist. But I wasn’t really feeling it so I detached the strap and chose to use it as a big clutch bag instead.

DSCN4092_brown bag

DSCN4112_blue jeans white tee

The best way to let a vintage piece stand out is to pair it with plain colours . Think denim, whites, black and browns or basically anything else that is a solid colour (…and maybe a wild heart? Jokes – I don’t think this song metaphor is working anymore, haha). Anyway..  The reason I would avoid prints is that it could detract from the vintage piece. For instance this bag already has a pattern so styling it with clean aesthetics makes the bag stand out more.

DSCN4122_vintage bag

DSCN4140_vintage pieces

T-shirt: Trenery / Jeans: Cotton On / Sandals: Old Khaki / Bag: Vintage piece / Belt: Vintage piece

Let me know how you wear your vintage pieces? Or better yet, where you find them…



Ps: I’m off to South America this weekend – hopefully I’ll come back with a few vintage pieces to add to my wardrobe. But if anyone has any tips/advice/must see places please comment and let me know.

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