Denim on denim


nikes and denimDenim on denim – kinda sounds like the beginning of a rap song. Haha. No? Okay…

Denim is for everyone, a wardrobe staple that’s lasted the test of time. But literally though the shorts I’m wearing here are proof of just that. A lot of my favourite pieces in my cupboard have an unusual ‘story’/come from unexpected places.

denim with detailsdenim with bagI bought a pair of Calvin Klein jeans 9 (yes niiinneee) years ago in New York. I eventually outgrew the style but didn’t want to throw them out for sentimental reasons – and they were great quality denim. So I did a little DIY and voila I turned them into the shorts I’m wearing here. I know they’re basically falling apart but I wanted the whole ripped shorts look anyway. And lets be serious why pay so much for a style you can replicate with older clothes, duh!

denim back denim and glassesDenim being the best investment you can make it’s only natural that you should own a denim shirt too. I prefer lighter ones that can be buttoned up for a formal look with a jersey over or used as a loose cover up on the beach. But hey that’s just me.

This particular shirt has a funny story. A friend I lived with in Cape Town had the exact same one, which she got from H&M in Europe. I really loved it but couldn’t find a similar one locally. That is until I walked into a Pick n Pay clothing (shout out to student shopping) and found the exact same shirt there. Literally the same down to the tag. No idea how it got there but I wasn’t complaining.

walking in denim on denimhalf denimShirt: Pick n Pay / shorts: Calvin Klein DIY / Shoes: Nike / Tote: Take care

I love playing around with denim – dressing it up or down – it’s my go to look. Let me know how you wear it?



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    1. To be honest I really wanted the black ones but they were sold out so I though the purple would be a close second.. Also a bit of colour is always good 🙂 Got them from Total Sports but most sport stores had them

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