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heels and blue dressI haven’t done a post in like two months, which not only makes me the most fickle blogger but also means I had a much needed holiday. Nevertheless this post was a tough one to write. It could be because I want to make this year about my blog  (I’m using last year as a practice round) and that means explaining what to expect and everything that’s changed.

DSCN3965_FotorFirstly I’ve changed cities – I made the long two-day drive from Cape Town to Johannesburg. The toughest part was trying to fit four years of stuff into a little Renault…throwing out 8 pairs of shoes to make it happen (cries silently as a Table Mountain fades into the background). Ha. But honestly moving away from beautiful Cape Town was sad but necessary.

I’ve kind of changed jobs, well I’ve taken on a more permanent position and moved to the Joburg offices – and even though it’s the same company, a week of working in Joburg, sitting in traffic, fighting with taxi drivers and learning that the best thing is seeing an OUTsurance traffic cop has been exhausting. Overall I’m excited to learn more about PR and marketing from a new team of people.

I’ve decided to change the name of my blog because my gut says that 2015 marks a big difference in my life to the past four years. For that I wanted a fresh start. Enter… The Leather Marshmallow – more about the name at a later stage.

When it came to my plans for 2015 they probably changed more than I want to admit. I’m slowly learning that’s okay and that I don’t have to take life so seriously at 22. Part of that was ‘deciding’ when to travel and using that time to figure out what I wanted to focus on in my 20s. So I’ve chose to split this year in two – which goes against all my OCD tendencies  – and travel for two months mid-year. But don’t ask me where I’m going because like everything else the location has changed more than once.

And to the last change…
I’ve also decided to change the fact that I own so many heels and never wear them. It’s probably not the biggest change I’ve mentioned but if I get a chance to speak about shoes I will. So here’s one look from my heel collection. These are my go-to black heels, which are perfect for summer and for winter with some stockings. The other style change is that I want to share with you how I evolved my wardrobe to fit into a working environment – cost effectively. More posts on that to come later.

DSCN3929_FotorDSCN3951_FotorAbout the look:
This royal blue dress I found at a random little store on Kloof Street in Cape Town. I love that it’s versatile, loose and can be worn differently depending on my mood. The last time I wore it without a belt and some sandals for a more relaxed look. Here the green belt added an element of colour blocking and made it a bit more formal for a day filled with meetings.

side - blackcherry bagDSCN3963_FotorHere’s me not taking life too seriously, haha 🙂

Dress: Boutique on Kloof street / Belt: Woolworths / Bag: Blackcherry (available through Spree) / Shoes: Aldo / Pendant: Dear Rae

More about all the change and busy Joburg life another time 🙂



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