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park life, ripped jeans and nautical teesWhen I’m in one of those moods where I can’t decide what to wear – this generally happens on a Monday morning when I’m late for work – I usually go for a classic combo. The nautical stripes and ripped jeans look…if all my black clothes are in the wash. I wore this to a little picnic in the park and it made me reminisce about the weekends I used to spend on jungle-gyms and merry-go-rounds. Also who doesn’t love a good summer picnic in the park?

Ripped jeans and nautical teesAbout the look:

This nautical striped top is a winner, I wore it in winter with some layers but I’ve found it’s not too hot to wear on a cool summer day either (also I feel like Kate Middleton when I wear it).

Currently a big craze this season are ripped jeans, what I like so much about them is the way you can play around so easily with different styles. Dressing it up and down the worn look has been taken on by all brands and style icons this season. See more of my favourite ripped jean looks here.

These jeans actually aren’t proper “boyfriend ripped jeans“. I bought them years ago and they never fitted me properly so one day while procrastinating for exams I tore them. Some advice when it comes to ripping jeans – don’t cut them with a pair of scissors rather buy some sandpaper and pull the sandpaper against the denim. This way you get a better frayed look as appose to a straight tear. Mine have sort of expanded as they’ve been washed but I didn’t really mind because I never wore them before. So think about how much you love your jeans before you tear them up.

Ripped jeans and nautical teesTop: Trenery / Jeans: Sissy Boy / Belt: Thrifted / Shoes: Bensimon / Sling bag: Poetry / Rings: Dear Rae

Here’s to a summer full of more picnics in the park, strawberries, ice-cream, walks on the beach and dressing like Kate 🙂

Comment below and tell me know how you’ll be wearing your ripped jeans this season.



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