Witchery First Edition launch

witchery first edition launch

On Tuesday evening I was lucky enough to attend the exclusive viewing of the Witchery First Edition Range. It was at the Witchery stand-alone store at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. Samantha and I rocked up at the much smaller one inside Woolworths I was like “Oh my word I’ve got the date wrong or something”. Luckily we were just in the other Witchery store. Phew.

The launch of this range was collaboration between Elle Australia and Elle South Africa who showcase the collection in their latest issues. The idea behind the First Edition range was to bring out a collection that embodied the trends in the northern hemisphere. This way people in the southern hemisphere have access to the latest designs that have been adapted to more summery items. Tarryn Oppel who is the senior fashion editor at Elle SA, explained how this “eliminated the wait”.

witchery launchSome of the ‘winter’ trends that are featured in the First Edition range are pieces that draw attention to the waist, big pockets and playing with lengths. These elements are seen on light summer colours – whites, tans etc. – and lighter, thinner fabrics – butter leather, silks. I must just add that the feel of the butter leather is incredible!

Left: Sage Belted Jacket. Right: Arizona Crop Knit and leather skirt
Left: Sage Belted Jacket. Right: Arizona Crop Knit and leather skirt

witchery launchTarryn mentioned a strong focus of this collection was playing with the hard and soft combo or as she puts it the, “tough and pretty”. Witchery did this by pairing different fabrics together such as silks and leather.

witchery launchOther ways Witchery adapted current runway trends were with pieces such as a black sequins dress that had a boxy bell sleeve and was worn with the California sleeveless vest. The sleeveless vest allows the bell sleeve to come through, showing off both these popular styles. Another feature I loved about the Witchery range was how it played so well with the long and short combo. You can see this with the Sage belted jacket (emphasis on the waist and big pockets – also one of my favourite items) paired with short shorts. And lastly my favourite ‘winter trend’ that is captured in the Witchery First Edition range is the Ivy Capelet. The cape craze is in full swing for winter giving volume to coats everywhere and now Witchery offers it in thinner summer fabrics.

witchery launchIt was so lovely to see a brand that has adopted the trends that are on the runway shows of Europe and bring them ‘down south’. Thanks to Witchery, Woolworths and Elle SA for a great event.

Crushing on these beautiful shoes
Crushing on these beautiful shoes

You can shop the Witchery First edition pieces online here or at most Woolworths stores. Let me know what you think about the range?



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