Transitional dressing

transtional dressing

IMG_3264_FotorTransitional dressing is super awkward it’s like; do I wear jeans and then die from a heat stroke? Or do I go with a dress and have the wind blow it up when I walk down Kloof Street? (not that its ever happened to me) I love how Esther Levy put it in her article on the Man Repeller. She refers to transitional weather as “…the last day of your period in that you’re not quite sure how to address it: light tampon or pantyliner?..” read more on how she deals with it here.

In these situations I generally try wear things that can be taken on and off easily. For this outfit I grabbed this wonderful jacket that my, even more wonderful, flatmate was throwing out one day. A thin jacket/coat is always useful for transitional dressing and if you find the right one it can often be an outfit in itself. With this particular jacket when I button it up it gives the illusion of a dress. That’s like two outfits in one dressing!

I must admit I wasn’t sure how I felt about pleather/leather skirts, pants, tops – I’ve always seen the leather look as a jacket, bag and shoe vibe – but once I tried this skirt on I really was drawn to how it adds a completely different texture to an outfit. So I contrasted the dark structured skirt with a soft cotton vest and strappy heels. (Excuse the bright pink bra sticking out – seems it shows up a lot more on camera :/)

This red leather clutch is one of my favourite in my bag collection. The leather is really great quality and I’m able to use it for both a casual lunch look and with my more formal outfits. I think that’s the best way to decide whether to purchase a bag (or anything) – by being critical about how many looks you can pair it with. I frequently find myself sitting in a shop looking at an item and literally putting outfit ideas together in my head or typing them in on my phone  (while ignoring the weird looks I get from the shop assistants) . If I can’t easily come up with more than five ‘looks’ I know that it’s not worth purchasing.

Transitional dressing is not only about going from cold to warm weather (or vise versa) but also about buying pieces you can use to transition and transform your wardrobe. Let me know what your tips and tricks are for adapting your cupboard?


IMG_3386_FotorIMG_3347_FotorIMG_3358_FotorIMG_3337_Fotor Top: Gap / Skirt: Cotton On / Shoes: Mr Price / Clutch: Old Khaki / Jacket: Flea Market



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