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ray ban glasses

It’s spring here in Cape Town and the weather is incredible! So I thought it was time tell you about what I’m currently craving for transitional dressing. I’m covering the fashion basics for any wardrobe this season. Although spring is a more colourful time I’m still in a pretty black and white mood.

Mule shoes

Okay so these aren’t exactly proper mules but I love how they very similar but with the added strap at the back for comfort. They also take on the classic chunky heel look and they’re the perfect height. Shop them here

Trenery heelsWatch

Personally I’ve never liked wearing watches, mostly because I find they’re all too flashy, but this one from Daniel Wellington is everything I want in a watch. It’s minimalistic, has a leather strap and it’s only 26mm in diameter. Also the rose gold case colour adds a lovely touch of femininity. Shop here

Daniel Wellington watch Sunglasses

My sunglasses story is a sad one. I had the perfect pair of Ray-Ban aviators, gold framed, and last year they justΒ disappeared out of my bag. Anyway I’m looking for a new pair to buy, but now I can’t decide which ones to get. Would love some advice? At the moment I’m currently craving these ones as they’re slightly different to the usual aviators I had before. What do you think?

rayban sunglassesBucket bag

Isn’t she beautiful? Ahh love the gold zip detail! Bucket bags are very trendy at the moment and this one from Zara is simple and has all the right measurements. Shop here

bucket bag What basics are you currently craving as we move into a new season? Also would love anyone’s advice on what sunglasses to buy? They’re too many beautiful options I can’t choose! Have a wonderful week πŸ™‚




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