Animal prints

animal prints

I am crazy about the texture and lines on this top, it reminds me of the patterns on the body of a snake. It’s also velvety but not as thick, so perfect for those sunny days in Cape Town when the wind decides to arrive, but it’s still too hot to wear a jersey. I’ve never been too into the whole animal print vibe but I think this snakeskin pattern is pretty cool.

IMG_3154IMG_3143This pink flower bag is my precious. Side note, despite what it seems I’m not that obsessed with pink. The textures of the flowers on this bag are awesome; I love how they add volume to the outfit. (Lets just forget how difficult it is to keep this thing clean)

IMG_3176IMG_3151IMG_3187I’ve never owned anything with animal print actually, I especially would never have owned anything leopard print, my mom would fall over if she saw these shoes. But hey I think they’re fab. They’re simple, classic and great if you work in an office and don’t like wearing heels. Also I can use them in winter with stockings or keep them as is for that beautiful Cape Town sun.

IMG_3201Top: Mr Price // Chino pants: Urban // Shoes: Cotton On // Bag: Forever New

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