Balancing act

boho top, pink emroidery, cotton on

Would you believe me if I said these shorts were turning 9 this year? What’s more shocking is that they still fit me. The colour has changed but my feeling for them have remained the same. When I bought these shorts at the tender age of 16 they were probably the most expensive piece of clothing I […]

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Bilene, Mozambique

villa nbanga, bilene, mozambique

‘Africa’s not for sissies’…bring a 4×4 and a sense of adventure to Mozambique When foreigners complain about things not ‘working’ in Africa I always roll my eyes. Don’t come here if you’re not willing to experience the people, culture and community. Things work differently because it’s not your home, adapt, enjoy and take cool pictures. A few […]

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Pants free in Mozambique


It wouldn’t be a holiday if I didn’t pack too many clothes The best thing about holidaying at the beach is not having to wear pants. And by pants I mean long pants that you only own because it’s cold and going to work in your pajamas is frowned upon. Going to Mozambique meant I could.. a) […]

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Being thankful for a bohemian summer

bohemian summer look

I dressed bohemian on a summer day in Joburg…and it rained. Just my luck. I finally take off those sweatpants and put on denim cut offs and then bam my friend/laughing buddy/photographer/model inspiration person and I get stuck in the rain. I guess Joburg wasn’t having my bohemian inspired look. Perhaps it’s more suited to a beach […]

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’70s bell sleeves


All I’m trying to do is hide my arms with bell sleeves and pretend I’m in Mad Men Don’t get me wrong the story-line in Mad Men was awesome but the clothes were better. It’s just a pity thatΒ fast fashion has ruined all the good parts of the ’70s style revival. Summer is here with full on […]

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South African luxury bags


A journey to finding a leather bag that’s not made somewhere sh*t. I’m writing about bags specifically because I think they epitomise the perfect “investment” piece when it comes to fashion. All the best bags are leather (obvs) and that’s always worth talking about. More importantly a woman’s handbag is an extension of her personality, if you’re […]

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Hat life

white crop top, denim skirt

Why wearing a hat makes me feel like Dora The Explorer. If I have to read one more Buzzfeed/Huffington Post type article on, “Why I sold my car and quit my job to travel through South America” I’ll vomit. Slightly dramatic I know. While they’re living their best life I’m walking the streets of Joburg in my […]

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